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Apartment & Condo Cleaning

Trained staff. Efficient services. Cleaner homes.

As a full-service home cleaning company, our team is highly experienced and use top of the line equipment, ensuring your home and condo receive thorough cleaning with no surface damage.  

We believe residential cleaning is a matter of health and safety. You may not sense it but many homes and Condos are breeding grounds for dust allergies that can be worsened by a buildup of dust and dirt. If your loved ones suffer from these conditions, it is imperative that you get in touch with a professional cleaning company like Eliny. This is no DIY project – our well-trained technicians can thoroughly clean your condo and make your home liveable again.

Well-trained technicians. Peace of mind

We take the time to train our staff on how to work safely in home and condo locations – often these are private locations. We also regularly train or cleaning crew to be polite and friendly – and to put the customer totally at ease. What’s more we also take the time to listen to your needs and customize our services to adapt to your needs.

Be it a regular cleaning project or a full-fledged maintenance or an emergency, we are ready for you.

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